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Your are a migrant sex worker ? Here are some informations and useful links for you

Our actions

  1. What is Espace P... What kind of support can you find with us

    – Espace P… is a service that tries to provide answers to all requests from prostitutes. We also provide some help to their relatives and their clients.
    – Espace P…is present in Liege, Seraing, Brussels, Namur, Charleroi, Mons, Tournai and the region of Arlon.
    – We welcome you in our offices, but we mainly meet you where you work
    – All our services are free.
    – We distribute condoms, lubricants, vaginal tampons, etc…
    – We can help you with any social, medical, administrative or legal issues.
    – We guarantee your privacy (we never need to know your real name).
    – We do not cooperate with police nor authorities.
    – We offer free vaccination against hepatitis B.
    – In some of our offices, we also propose screening for cervical cancer of the uterus.
    – We fight fo your rights in municipalities, cities and federal government.
    – We want to change the negative attitudes of society towards sexworkes.
    – We fight for prostitutionto be recognized as a profession.

The legislation on prostitution

Information vaccination & screening

Practical Guide for and by sexworkers

Your health is too precious! :

–                Work always using a condom! Also while giving a blow job! Some clients will offer large sums of money to have unprotected sex but NEVER accept their proposals and protect yourself consistently. Your life is worth more than a couple of euros! Avoid vaginal douching because they foster infections. Use water-based lubricants and do not use greasy products (massage oil, …) onto the condom.

Work only when a certain amount is being offered:

–                Inform yourself with other girls in order to know the prices on the market. Adapt yourself to those prices. If all girls work for the same price, the clients will not be able to force you to drop the prices.

Ok but that’s too expensive! :

–                Bargain well with the client in advance about “extras” you agree upon and about the tariffs you request. During the bargaining, be always clear and precise towards the client about what you are ready to accept are not. In this way, you can avoid conflictual situations in the room.

Only in the hotel! :

–                Never work outside hotels: cars of clients or garages are no safe places. Warn your client that you only work in the hotel. You will be safe there. Be reminded that each sexual act in public is punishable by law (building lobby, bushes, …).

Respect your working environment :

–                Do not throw litter (cigarette butt, waste) around you. Do not linger in front of display windows of open stores or in front of building entries. Do not provoke your neighbourhood nor passers-by by behaving yourself improperly. Be courteous and polite to people that surround you and they will be courteous and polite to you. If you respect your client, he will come back to you.

Be always argus-eyed :

–                Avoid keeping with you large sums of money. Circumvent drunk clients or those you distrust. In the room, do not turn your back to your client when you get undressed. Keep always an eye on your bag and your personal belongings.

They are there to help you :

–                Establish contacts with other girls. They can help and advise you. Do not hesitate to speak to the Espace P workers. The association is there to listen to you and to try to help you, regardless of your problem or request. Standby medical services are free and anonymous. Come and have yourself tested regularly. In case of emergency, call the police by phone on 101.

This leaflet has been made by sex workers in partnership with the social workers of Espace P … It is meant for new sex workers met by the Espace P … team during their street work. With the support of the Ministry of Brussels Capital Region, of Cocof Centre d’Action Sociale Globale. (general social aid centre).

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