Coronavirus prevention for sex workers : -

Coronavirus prevention for sex workers :

1. Preventive measures to avoid contracting the virus

* Wash your hands regularly (40 to 60 sec.) with water and soap. You can see the best way to wash you hands on this picture :

* If you have to cough, use a paper tissue or cough into the crease of your elbow.
* Always use paper tissues. Dispose of the tissues immediately after use and throw them away in a closed dustbin.
* Don’t shake hands.
* Stay at home if you’re sick and you have flu-like symptoms. Don’t go to work.
* Avoid contact with sick people.
* Try to don’t touch your face with your hands.

2. Instructions for sex workers
Government decisions from 18 March until 5 April 2020 :
* Stay at home, confined
* Only go out to buy food or to go to the pharmacy
* Take some fresh air (park, walk) is allowed but only alone or with someone who lives with you
* Keep a social distance of 1.50 meter

With these instructions of containment, work is not allowed.
But if you have to see some clients, here are the rules to respect:

* Refuse customers who cough, have fever or runny nose
* Receive only one client at a time (relation with several people at the same time is forbidden).
* Ask to the customer to wash his/her hands with soap or with hand sanitizer during 60 sec before entering and leaving (the virus lives until 3 days on metal and cardboard and probably on other materials).
* Wash with disinfectant the things that the client would have touched like door latches. Do it after every client.
* Limit intimate contacts > Never kiss !
* Wash all your body with soap after every client.
* Encourage work with webcam.

3. If you are sick (cough, fever, tiredness and hurt everywhere)
* Call your doctor.
* Don’t go to the hospital without your doctor’s advice.
* And, stay at home !

4. If you don’t have doctor :
* or call the 02/201.22.22

5. if you have questions about the Coronavirus :
* 0800/14 689